Greetings!  What amazes us is the overwhelming emphasis on the importance of the creative individual.  We too believe in creating value not just producing products or services.  The innate ability or niche of any person is the individuality that brings much happiness and prosperity whether monetarily or in traded goods.  We raised our family of 9 by respecting their IDEAS both spoken or in project form.

We saw as individuals that our self-sufficiency needed fostered and preserved.

Survival in any situation calls for creative substitution thinking -neo thinking.  Think-out-of-the-box is a catchy phrase heard in society that is stating what the neo-society teaches.  Healthy positive belief in oneself is repeated in interaction of members. Smart successful business applications and their principles are shared, removing years of experimenting through failure and success, giving individuals opportunities to succeed in offering value to the world.

My husband and I would not be associated with a quick get rich scam or false prophet organization.  We review our committed time periodically and have found much value in the membership of neo-society sharing.  Our health and happiness is our own making and we gladly take responsibility for them.  We associate with many others who are doing the same.

Mark Hamilton has produced literature that our children and grandchildren can reference for their pursuit of happiness.

We are proud that this society does not incite negativity or encourage violence.  It represents and teaches honesty and lawful operations.  Respect of law and the legal honest procedures to use to create responsible changes are advocated among the members through the neo-society value structure.  This has been a real plus in parenting through the years.

This society has lasting value for many generations who want genuine honorable opportunities and wondrous breath-taking challenges in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.   Thank you, Mark Hamilton and all those you have mentored to return to their natural purpose-creating.

James and M Kathryn P